Drop Plates


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Our drop Axle Plates are specially designed allowing you to select either a 2 or 3 inch change in ride height from one plate. They are cut from 1/2″ 1018 cold rolled steel and use zinc plated 10.9 grade button head hardware for bearing seal clearance and corrosion resistance. These will work for either drum or disk brake applications*. The special designed notch at the top of the plate allows for clear access for the brake lines and bleeder valves no matter what setting you choose. These will fit all MK1-3’s as well as Corrado, Scirocco, Fox and many others.

*Please note: 2″ drop does require the stub axle to be rotated 180° and the backing plate must be drilled to match. Because the disc brake stub axle design, they will only fit the 3” position.

Standard flat black wrinkle powder coated finish. (ask about other color options)